Special Gender Department

The Special Gender Department sees itself as a facility for promoting education and competence in all questions and topics regarding gender work with an overall focus on feminist girls’ work. The girls’ work perspective, the mixed-gender perspective and the perspective of development, qualification and awareness raising are integrated into the Special Gender Department. Measures for the deconstruction of gender role models with and for girls, boys, adults, institutions and interested parties are offered in these three perspectives.

The realisation of this work is carried out using access to education and promotion in regard to the following eight topics, which became apparent during many years of work: work, vocational training, health, violence, culture, multimedia, politics and sexuality.

The area Qualification includes information on lectures, seminars, specialist counselling and work materials.

Furthermore, the wide range of the professional work is evident in the projects devised and accompanied by the Amazone association. The already concluded reference projects provide additional impressions.

Trained Peers act as role models for other adolescents in many of the association’s services.
Moreover, the association works with a trained pool of instructors, who pass on their expertise as needed and in doing so, consolidates the approaches of girls’ and boys’ work.

The AmazoneThek includes a selected offer of specialist literature, trade magazines, films and work material on gender and girls’ work as well as on the eight topic areas of the Amazone association.

Publications and information about the Amazone association’s exhibitions are listed in the respective menu items. These are available to download or borrow.

Video clips can be accessed at: www.youtube.com/MZAmazone

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