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The cross-cultural girls’ project from the  Amazone Bunt & Quer6 association sets new standards and responds innovatively to altered needs and challenges.

Using mobility,Bunt & Quer6 is spreading out its extensive offer for the nationwide and necessary cross-cultural work for girls. The objective of Bunt & Quer6 AmazoneMobil is making the offer ideally accessible to all girls.

During the past few years, the offers from the Bunt & Quer projects have been strongly institutionalised in the Amazone associations and are primarily offered and implemented in two areas - in the actual and in the virtual. In Bunt & Quer4 a mobile concept was developed, Bunt & Quer6 ties in with the concept and intends to open a third mobile room with the implementation. New, altered requirements are indicated from the longtime and documented experiences, evaluations and particularly from the feedback from the Peers girls. In particular, there is a demand for mobility and an expansion of the offers. The need to react to acute and present requirements was always an important aspect for the Amazone association, which increased over the years. On the one hand, the experiences and insight confirm the urgent necessity of cross-cultural girls’ work and also the need for making the offer reachable and more accessible. In addition to the experience-driven measures and those in regard to content, the mobile room continues to develop diversity in the form of easily accessible information brokering and knowledge transfer. All measures, which are offered in Bunt & Quer, are still devised from girls for girls and allow a gender-oriented work.

Bunt & Quer6 is based on the experiences of the previously conducted terms of these cross-cultural girls’ project series.

Cross-cultural Girls’ Project Series Bunt & Quer

The Amazone association has been contributing to cross-cultural girls’ work since 2008. In the European year of cross-cultural dialogue 2008, the Amazone association started the project Bunt & Quer and made approaching the topic of girls’ work and migration a key aspect. Approaching this topic took place via the formulation of the mutual Peer culture and via measures for the awareness raising of individual living environments.

Bunt & Quer2 expanded the already laid foundation and successfully followed up on the pilot scheme and was able to score using system-oriented access. At the same time, great importance was attached to an internal examination of the migration experience and the stabilisation of the own Peer culture was an integral component.  The basic structure forBunt & Quer3was developed by integrating research & development.

The Bunt & Quer3 project was about the transition from personal issues into the public eye. Bridges to dialogue were built across generations (adolescents and adults), across cultures (minority and majority groups) and between regions (Bregenz and Vorarlberg).

The key aspects in Bunt & Quer4 also shifted in the cross-cultural girls’ work with the continuous change and the altered requirements.  Here, Bunt & Quer4 relied on the Peer expertise and dealt with its own research results from youth culture research, to apply resp. implement the recommendations of the results as best as possible.

The cross-cultural girls’ work of the Amazone association is based on existing current research results, the innovative approach of which can be detected throughout the implementation of Bunt & Quer . The research results of the institute for youth culture research and their recommendations from the research report were cornerstones for Bunt & Quer4 . Continuation now includes intensifying what was learned and trained and to professionalise it, to ensure the aspect of sustainability.

Bunt & Quer5 continued to intensify the recommendations of the results from youth culture research and intensified what was already learned and trained from the “on code” communication training. Not only the Peer girls were to benefit from the “on code” communication. Therefore, in 2013 Bunt & Quer5 aimed at taking the Peers’ know-how more significantly into consideration and to apply it comprehensively, to install the knowledge as a component of the culturally colourful workshop design on a long-term basis.


Das Projekt Bunt & Quer6 wird durch den Europäischen Integrationsfonds kofinanziert.

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Project duration:
January 1, 2014 until
December 31, 2014